Alyxia Leaf

Location: E25

Founded in 2008, Alyxia Leaf is an independent New York jewelry business that looks to bring its customers closer to nature that surrounds them everyday. Inspired by the Alyxia leaf, a rare Australian heart-shaped leaf with prominent vein structures. They gather beautiful treasures from nature, then preserve them in precious metals to create exquisite objects to wear or display.                                                                                    Their real leaf jewelry and curios are handcrafted using time-honored methods that took years to develop. Rather than doing a simple mold that can be mass-produced, they bond a layer of metal to the surface of a product through their secret electroforming treatment, which leads to the creation of their unique collection. This treatment deposits a fine metallic coating onto the products down to the atomic detail, preserving all of the intricacies of each piece of nature. The finishes include gold, silver, and patina.

Categories: House & Home, Jewelry