Marc Tetro


As all New Yorkers know, the dogs and dog-owners of NYC are a special breed. Yet few appreciate this as much as artist Marc Tetro, whose love of all things dog and New York has made both locals and visitors sit up and take notice. Beginning four years ago at Macy’s Herald Square, Marc Tetro’s retail success combining pop art, the love of dogs, and New York City itself has been some amazing trick.

Marc Tetro’s portrayal of love-struck dogs and New York City iconography–taxis, skyscrapers, Lady Liberty, even the Guggenheim–have become the kind of retail sensations that make shoppers and artists whimper and drool. Yet it is his well-trained eye and uncanny nose for what makes New York’s art-and-dog loving owners roll over that has earned Marc Tetro’s art and products their place in the hearts, halls and homes of a canine-loving fanbase.