Viva Zapata! Bags / CaraCruz Brooklyn


Tania lives in Brooklyn, New York, and is Viva Zapata!'s founder, owner, designer and handcrafter. She puts her mind and heart into coming up with the shapes and colors that make each collection so unique. Whatever colors are left over in the market after public transportation companies meet their needs for upholstering the seats in their buses, Tania carefully picks and combines. This challenge makes it so that ultimately her designs continue to be intricately connected to the colorful buses that gave her inspiration since she first dreamt about this company. She is intimately involved in shepherding each bag from the design table to the upholstery selection to the storefront. People will stop you on the street to ask where you got your bag. Viva Zapata at its best. Hyper-urban, all-terrain, forever, easy-going, chameleonic! Tania is also a co-founder of the jewelry company CaraCruz Brooklyn, launched in 2013.