Jon Wye & Sires Eyewear


Jon Wye is both the brand and namesake of Washington DC's only clothing accessories brand and manufacturer. With the help of his craftsman, Jeff Ball, Jon produces everything by hand. Their claim to fame is a machine that Jon spent over 5 years inventing, which allows the team to embed images into leather like that of a tattoo. With this process they are able to create whimsical scenes on leather belts such as Dinosaurs Making Toasts, Robots Vs Monsters, and Zombies in Space. With this special machine and old school craftsmanship Jeff and Jon also make graphic leather wallets, graphic leather guitar straps, graphic leather women's clutches, graphic leather dog collars, and a line of hand-silked tees. Sire's Crown is a custom optical shop developed by an optician and a craftsman out of Los Angeles.  Specializing in wood eyeglasses,  each frame is custom made to the clients wishes in collaboration with an onsite designer.  The lenses used are premium Zeiss Carat grade and come with a 2 year warranty.  They will also be launching new eyewear lines at Bryant Park.  The forged series incorporates rare woods with precious and semiprecious metals: 18k gold, brass, and anodized steel.  We will also have days where we have an onsite artist, Irina Dragomir, who can custom paint frames to be one of a kind masterpieces ( ).