Chimney Cakes

Location: W37

It may be way too many years since you had trouble sleeping due to thoughts of St. Nick shimmying down your chimney with a sack of loot but we’ve got a new reason for you to get excited about chimneys this winter. We present Chimney Cakes, purveyors of authentic Hungarian sweets.Among the oldest known confections in Hungary, chimney cakes consist of dough wrapped around a stick and baked on a rotisserie-like spit, then rolled in your choice of sweet-tooth-slaying toppings like chocolate, caramel, or brown sugar. To enjoy, simply un-peel the baked spirals, which, by the way, are perfect for sharing…if you don’t want to hoard all of the columnar deliciousness for yourself, that is.When it comes to holiday sweets, these Hungarian chimney cakes really stack up.

Categories: Specialty Foods