Dr. Silkman's Emporium



Dr. Silkman’s Body Emporium creates your go-to home beautifier -- the scented candle -- with your go-to body beautifier -- the moisturizing lotion -- for a truly innovative beautification experience.

Simply select your favorite scent from the all-natural, aromatherapy-inspired candle collection, light the wick, and let it melt. The wax becomes a super-rich lotion that’s great for dry hands and body, or for the ultimate massage. You can also take the doctor’s irresistible scents and moisturizing properties into the shower with any of their organic hand-cut bar soaps and shaving kits.

When it comes to mega-multitasking, like lovely candles with skin nourishing lotions, don’t wait for a second opinion. Make an appointment with Dr. Silkman's right away, now accepting patients at their new 42nd St location.