5th & Madison and Hudson Apothecary

Location: W15


Manhattan’s most glamorous avenues intersect at Bryant Park’s premier home fragrance destination, 5th and Madison, where sophisticated scents lend penthouse appeal to any address. 5th and Madison’s expert scent masters may hail from Boston, MA, but they’ve captured the essence of NYC’s chicest addresses in their indulgent line of candles, aroma diffusers, and luxurious bath and body products. Light one of their clean-burning, 100% eco-friendly soy tinned candles and fill your home with uptown-chic scents like “Couture” and “Cosmopolitan.” Can’t bear being without these magnificent scents? 5th & Madison’s has also created a collection of body lotions, scrubs, and soaps in skin-nourishing, matching scents.

Categories: Health & Beauty, House & Home